Cozy Cave 3 in1 foldable Cat Cushion


  • The perfect hideout for your pet
  •  Cats love their hiding holes, it’s where they rest, groom and sleep. We’ve created  Cat Cove Cat Bed  so   they   can have  a fluffy cat place, just for themselves.With softness all around it’s easy to relax and unwind  if you are a a small animal.
  • The Cozy Cat  Foldable Cushion  can accommodate  small to mid-sized to   animals in it to bring your pet maximum comfort.

Product Size:
Xs: 40x30x18cm (fit for pets under 2 kg )
S: 56x35x29cm (fit for pets under 5 kg )
M: 62x38x31cm (fit for pets under 10 kg )

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 Why The Cozy Cave 3 in 1 foldable Cat Cushion is for you

  •  The coziest hideout- soft, cozy and spacious
  •  Cozy Cave is the perfect place to play or to rest
  •  Simple get away from pesky humans.

Delivery Time: 7-12 days

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Medium, Small, XS


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